President Donald Trump said, in advance, at a Kentucky campaign stop, he had a gut feeling about the expected results of Tuesday's mid-term national and state elections. He was right. He and his Republican followers lost the House of Representatives. But that was expected and within the statistical norms of most mid-term elections of the past. It went Democrat...


  • Donald-Trump-debates.jpg
    2017 Goes Down as Most Bizarre Political Year on Record in U.S. | Read More
  • Donald_Trump_swearing_in_ceremony-Jan.png
    Global Protests, Vandalism and Arrests Mar Trump Inauguration | Read More
  • Donald-Trump.jpg
    Trump Shames Experts -- Wins Presidency | Read More
  • Donald-Trump-presidential-candidate-2016.png
    Trump Blows Chance to Shine in Third Debate | Read More
  • Democrat-versus-Republican-ec-keyimage.jpg
    Clinton, Trump Fight to a Draw in Second Debate | Read More
  • Hillary-Clinton-versus-Donald-Trump-Debate-1.png
    Clinton's Baiting Traps Trump in First Debate | Read More
  • Donald-Trump.jpg
    Trump Roars; Sanders Soars; Kasich Surprises; Clinton Clobbered as New Hampshire Speaks | Read More
  • Marco-Rubio.png
    Iowa Fireworks: Trump Strikes Out; Clinton-Saunders in a Squeaker; Rubio Rising | Read More
  • Donald-Trump-debates.jpg
    Trump Bests Cruz as GOP Candidates Head for Iowa Caucus Showdown | Read More
  • Hillary-Clinton.jpg
    Hillary Out-Talks Sanders and O'Malley in Perky Democrat Debate | Read More
  • Donald-Trump-for-president.jpg
    No Clear RNC Debate Winner But Trump Still Triumphs | Read More
  • President-Obama-speech.jpg
    Obama Speech on ISIS Terrorists Lame, Trump Hits Bullseye | Read More
  • Carly-Fiorina.jpg
    Fiorina Looks Best in Lackluster GOP Debate | Read More
  • Senator-Marco-Rubio.jpg
    Rubio Clear Winner in Poorly Conducted Third GOP Debate by CNBC | Read More
  • Hillary-Clinton.jpg
    Hillary Clinton Narrowly Wins First Democratic Debate in Hot-Topic Guns Exchanges | Read More
  • Michael-Bloomberg-headshot.png
    Murdoch Touts Silent Bloomberg for Presidential Run | Read More
  • Carly-Fiorina.jpg
    Fiorina Wins Second GOP Debate, Trump Still Dominates | Read More
  • Guatemala-Elections-keyimage.jpg
    Corruption Plagues Guatemala as Presidential Vote Nears | Read More
  • Berundi-vote.jpg
    Burundi President Seeks Third Term as Violence Rocks Small African Republic | Read More
  • Turkey-Elections.jpg
    Arrogant Turkish President Erdogan Fighting for Political Life | Read More
  • Magdalena-Ogorek-Ploand-President-Photo-by-by-Stiopa.jpg
    Glamorous Polish Presidential Candidate Rankles Rivals | Read More
  • Tanzania-referendum.jpg
    Opposition Flares as Tanzania Prepares for Referendum on Constitution | Read More
  • David-Cameron.jpg
    Britain's Cameron Vows Another 1,000 Jobs Per Day If Re-Elected | Read More
  • Finland-Elections.jpg
    Maverick Finn Campaigner Goes for the Gold in April 19 Elections | Read More
  • Sudan-elections.png
    Sudan President, Wanted on War Crimes Charges, Seeks Third Term | Read More
  • Israel-Prime-Minister-Benjamin-Netanyahu.jpg
    Netanyahu Squares Offs with Obama on Iran Nuclear Deal | Read More
  • Uzbekistan-President-Islam-Karimov-nki.jpg
    Uzbekistan Strongman Karimov Won't Miss Fourth Election Run | Read More
  • Egypt-elections-and-protests.png
    Record Number of Women Running for Parliament in Egypt | Read More
  • Nigeria-elections.jpg
    Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan Will Need More Than His First Name to Win Again | Read More
  • Israel-Prime-Minister.png
    Obama Strategist Could Fire Up Israeli Elections | Read More
  • UK-Elections.jpg
    Brits Stew Over Their Fish 'n Chips as May 7 Elections Heat Up | Read More
  • Greece-Economy.jpg
    Greece's Debt-Heavy Economic Boat Heading for Choppy Seas | Read More
  • Nicolas-Sarkozy.png
    France's Slick 'Sarko' is Back | Read More
  • Japan-Elections.jpg
    Shinzo Abe's Party Rolls to Decisive Parliamentary Victory in Japan | Read More

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