June 2012 Archives

President Barack Obama is a shoo-in for a second term in the White House in November after the nine-member Supreme Court of the United States ruled 5 to 4 on June 28 that his crafted landmark healthcare reform act was... Continue Reading
My way or the highway. Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, Chairman of Egypt's Military Council, is using a theme from the late singer Frank Sinatra's portfolio to let citizens know who is in charge.Tantawi and his 19-member Supreme Council of... Continue Reading
Parliamentary elections, held every five years, are scheduled to begin June 23 in the tiny independent Asia-Pacific state of Papua New Guinea, 9,000 air miles from New York City.While European, North and South American countries are embroiled in their own... Continue Reading
Greece, a 182-year-old South Europe republic, has run out of money in its fifth consecutive year of recession.  A June 17 election, that itself will cost the tiny mountainous country $65 million to set up, will decide the fate of... Continue Reading
The fix is in. The  Egyptian military council  has won.The young liberal revolutionaries have lost. A two-day runoff election for the presidency of  Egypt is set for June 16 and June 17. The race, after the May 23-24 preliminary election,... Continue Reading

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