Alex Finkelstein


Alex Finkelstein, Senior Real Estate Reporter

*Former Real Estate and Legal News Editor, Orlando Business Journal (1987 to 2000).

*Former Real Estate Editor, South Florida (Miami) Business Journal (1981 to 1986).

*Former Real Estate Editor, Miami Daily Review (1986 to 1987).

*Former Real Estate Editor, Pittsburgh Business Journal (1980 to 1981).

*Former Assistant Business News Editor, Daytona Beach, FL News-Journal (1979 to 1980).

*Former Investigative Reporter, Miami Herald (1955 to 1960).

*Former Copy and Page Makeup Editor, Washington, DC Star (1960 to 1973).

*Former Regional Retail Advertising Manager, Orlando, FL Sentinel (1973 to 1979).

*Former Southeast Bureau Chief and Co-Editor, Debt & Equity Newsletter, (2000 to 2007).

*Former General News Reporter, Winnipeg (Canada) Free Press (1953 to 1955).

*Former Radio Desk News Reporter, British United Press, Montreal and Ottawa (1952 to 1953).

Current publisher, DONE DEALS, daily real estate blog.

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