Obama to Lead Democrats' November Campaign Charge

obama-speech-keyimage.jpgDemocrats held a high-level November campaign strategy in Washington at the end of last week.  The gist of the session was that President Barack Obama will continue to be the party's lead spokesman because he holds the biggest microphone.

To make sure attendees at last Thursday's think-tank session don't forget the campaign's main messages, they were all given little "cheat" cards for them to peek at now and then when they are out on the stump.

Here is what the cards said:

"Democrats are on the side of the middle class. We are fighting to cut taxes for small businesses and middle-class Americans, end tax cuts for CEOs who ship American jobs overseas, and create clean energy jobs that can't be outsourced.

"Republicans are on the side of Wall Street bankers and CEOs. They support tax cuts for corporations who ship jobs overseas. But their economic policies failed under President Bush. Millions of people lost their jobs, the deficit exploded and the middle class got hammered. Now they want to return to the same failed policies of the past. We can't afford to go back."

What a joke, The Democrats are going to be whipped but still they won't lose control of the House of Representatives.

Here's our crystal ball:

Republicans will pick up 37 House seats in November -- close to the 40 seats the GOP needs to take outright control of the House.

In the Senate, Democrats will lose 10 seats.

What do you think?


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