Analysis Finds Past Presidential Elections Had Little Impact on Home SalesAccording to new research by Redfin, 22 percent of U.S. homebuyers and sellers said the upcoming presidential election is impacting their plans to buy or sell a home. That's down from 32 percent in November 2019, per a similar Redfin survey. The drop from last year is likely due...


  • President_Trump_Nominates_Judge_Amy_Coney_Barrett.jpg
    U.S. Home Builders Support Trump's Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court | Read More
  • International-Travel.jpg
    Tourism, Hospitality Sectors in U.S. Take a Significant Hit from COVID-19 | Read More
  • US-Senate.jpg
    U.S. Homebuilders, Mortgage Lenders React Positively to Senate Passage of $2 Trillion Stimulus Package | Read More
  • Mid-term-Elections-in-US.jpg
    The Red-Blue Divide of U.S. Home Construction | Read More
  • President-Obama-2.jpg
    U.S. Homebuilders Applaud Repeal of Obama-Era WOTUS Rule | Read More
  • Donald-Trump-Speaking-at-podium-keyimage.jpg
    Trump Memorandum on Housing Finance Reform Applauded by U.S. Home Builders | Read More
  • Donald-Trump-Speaking-at-podium-keyimage.jpg
    Trump Memorandum on Housing Finance Reform Applauded by U.S. Home Builders | Read More
  • Democrat-versus-Republican-ec-keyimage.jpg
    Democrats Win Back House in Mid-Terms, GOP Strengthens Senate Grip | Read More
  • Commercial-Construction-Workers.jpg
    U.S. Homebuilders Not Happy With Trump's New Steel and Aluminum Tariffs | Read More
  • President_Donald_Trump-keyimage.jpg
    Trump's New Infrastructure Plan Gets Applause from the National Association of Home Builders | Read More
  • Wall-Street-loans.jpg
    U.S. Tax Reforms Drive Favorable Commercial Real Estate Loan Pricing | Read More
  • Donald-Trump-debates.jpg
    2017 Goes Down as Most Bizarre Political Year on Record in U.S. | Read More
  • US-Congress.jpg
    GOP Tax Reform Bill Punishes Homeowners, Say California Realtors | Read More
  • Donald-Trump-Speaking-at-podium-keyimage.jpg
    U.S. Home Builders Ask Trump for Comprehensive Immigration Reform | Read More
  • Cuba-sunset-keyimage.jpg
    Trump Poised to Refreeze Thawing Cuba Relations Under Obama | Read More
  • Thumbnail image for Donald-Trump-Speaking-at-podium-keyimage.jpg
    Trump's Latest Tax Reform Plan Has Homeownership in Crosshairs | Read More
  • President_Donald_Trump-keyimage.jpg
    Despite Trump's Volatility, Most Real Estate Markets Heading to Solid Gains in 2017 | Read More
  • Cuba-sunset-keyimage.jpg
    Cuba's Raul Castro Reacts to Trump Election Victory | Read More
  • Guatemala-Elections-keyimage.jpg
    Corruption Plagues Guatemala as Presidential Vote Nears | Read More
  • Berundi-vote.jpg
    Burundi President Seeks Third Term as Violence Rocks Small African Republic | Read More
  • Turkey-Elections.jpg
    Arrogant Turkish President Erdogan Fighting for Political Life | Read More
  • Magdalena-Ogorek-Ploand-President-Photo-by-by-Stiopa.jpg
    Glamorous Polish Presidential Candidate Rankles Rivals | Read More
  • Tanzania-referendum.jpg
    Opposition Flares as Tanzania Prepares for Referendum on Constitution | Read More
  • David-Cameron.jpg
    Britain's Cameron Vows Another 1,000 Jobs Per Day If Re-Elected | Read More
  • Finland-Elections.jpg
    Maverick Finn Campaigner Goes for the Gold in April 19 Elections | Read More
  • Sudan-elections.png
    Sudan President, Wanted on War Crimes Charges, Seeks Third Term | Read More
  • Israel-Prime-Minister-Benjamin-Netanyahu.jpg
    Netanyahu Squares Offs with Obama on Iran Nuclear Deal | Read More
  • Uzbekistan-President-Islam-Karimov-nki.jpg
    Uzbekistan Strongman Karimov Won't Miss Fourth Election Run | Read More
  • Egypt-elections-and-protests.png
    Record Number of Women Running for Parliament in Egypt | Read More
  • Nigeria-elections.jpg
    Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan Will Need More Than His First Name to Win Again | Read More
  • Israel-Prime-Minister.png
    Obama Strategist Could Fire Up Israeli Elections | Read More
  • UK-Elections.jpg
    Brits Stew Over Their Fish 'n Chips as May 7 Elections Heat Up | Read More
  • Greece-Economy.jpg
    Greece's Debt-Heavy Economic Boat Heading for Choppy Seas | Read More
  • Nicolas-Sarkozy.png
    France's Slick 'Sarko' is Back | Read More

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