Despite the nation in the midst of a housing affordability crisis and an economy confronting high inflation, the National Association of Home Builders told Congress this week that the Biden administration's decision to push through a far-reaching waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule will needlessly raise housing costs, add unnecessary regulatory burdens to small businesses, and harm economic...


  • US-Congress-2016-newsletter.jpg
    Builders Weigh-in on House Ways and Means Committee Hearing on U.S. Housing Crisis | Read More
  • US-White-House.png
    NAHB Reacts to President Biden's Plan to Ease Housing Affordability Crisis | Read More
  • US_Supreme_Court.jpg
    U.S. Homebuilders Support Supreme Court Decision on OSHA Vaccine Mandates | Read More
  • Mid-term-Elections-in-US.jpg
    Coastal Migrants Flipped Georgia Blue in 2020, Adding 50,000 Citizens | Read More
  • The_White_House-keyimage.jpg
    16 Percent of US Residents Considering Leaving the Country Based on Who Occupies the White House Next Year | Read More
  • President_Donald_Trump-keyimage.jpg
    U.S. Presidential Election Impacting 22 Percent of Homebuyers, Sellers Plans | Read More
  • President_Trump_Nominates_Judge_Amy_Coney_Barrett.jpg
    U.S. Home Builders Support Trump's Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court | Read More
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    Tourism, Hospitality Sectors in U.S. Take a Significant Hit from COVID-19 | Read More
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    U.S. Homebuilders, Mortgage Lenders React Positively to Senate Passage of $2 Trillion Stimulus Package | Read More
  • Mid-term-Elections-in-US.jpg
    The Red-Blue Divide of U.S. Home Construction | Read More
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    U.S. Homebuilders Applaud Repeal of Obama-Era WOTUS Rule | Read More
  • Donald-Trump-Speaking-at-podium-keyimage.jpg
    Trump Memorandum on Housing Finance Reform Applauded by U.S. Home Builders | Read More
  • Donald-Trump-Speaking-at-podium-keyimage.jpg
    Trump Memorandum on Housing Finance Reform Applauded by U.S. Home Builders | Read More
  • Democrat-versus-Republican-ec-keyimage.jpg
    Democrats Win Back House in Mid-Terms, GOP Strengthens Senate Grip | Read More
  • Commercial-Construction-Workers.jpg
    U.S. Homebuilders Not Happy With Trump's New Steel and Aluminum Tariffs | Read More
  • President_Donald_Trump-keyimage.jpg
    Trump's New Infrastructure Plan Gets Applause from the National Association of Home Builders | Read More
  • Wall-Street-loans.jpg
    U.S. Tax Reforms Drive Favorable Commercial Real Estate Loan Pricing | Read More
  • Cuba-sunset-keyimage.jpg
    Cuba's Raul Castro Reacts to Trump Election Victory | Read More
  • Guatemala-Elections-keyimage.jpg
    Corruption Plagues Guatemala as Presidential Vote Nears | Read More
  • Berundi-vote.jpg
    Burundi President Seeks Third Term as Violence Rocks Small African Republic | Read More
  • Turkey-Elections.jpg
    Arrogant Turkish President Erdogan Fighting for Political Life | Read More
  • Magdalena-Ogorek-Ploand-President-Photo-by-by-Stiopa.jpg
    Glamorous Polish Presidential Candidate Rankles Rivals | Read More
  • Tanzania-referendum.jpg
    Opposition Flares as Tanzania Prepares for Referendum on Constitution | Read More
  • David-Cameron.jpg
    Britain's Cameron Vows Another 1,000 Jobs Per Day If Re-Elected | Read More
  • Finland-Elections.jpg
    Maverick Finn Campaigner Goes for the Gold in April 19 Elections | Read More
  • Sudan-elections.png
    Sudan President, Wanted on War Crimes Charges, Seeks Third Term | Read More
  • Israel-Prime-Minister-Benjamin-Netanyahu.jpg
    Netanyahu Squares Offs with Obama on Iran Nuclear Deal | Read More
  • Uzbekistan-President-Islam-Karimov-nki.jpg
    Uzbekistan Strongman Karimov Won't Miss Fourth Election Run | Read More
  • Egypt-elections-and-protests.png
    Record Number of Women Running for Parliament in Egypt | Read More
  • Nigeria-elections.jpg
    Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan Will Need More Than His First Name to Win Again | Read More
  • Israel-Prime-Minister.png
    Obama Strategist Could Fire Up Israeli Elections | Read More
  • UK-Elections.jpg
    Brits Stew Over Their Fish 'n Chips as May 7 Elections Heat Up | Read More
  • Greece-Economy.jpg
    Greece's Debt-Heavy Economic Boat Heading for Choppy Seas | Read More
  • Nicolas-Sarkozy.png
    France's Slick 'Sarko' is Back | Read More

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