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Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minister and strong man since March 2009 and his dominant right-wing Likud Party, could run into unprecedented opposition in the March 17 parliamentary elections. Netanyahu, 65, is seeking his fourth term as PM. Three unexpected developments... Continue Reading
It was President Barack Obama's best-delivered State of the Union address since 2008 -- but it was all a charade, a deception, a con job and a planned-in-advance strategy that put his nemesis, the Grand Old Party, in a box. In... Continue Reading
These aren't the best of times for Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron. His controversial Conservative Party, which jointly rules the country with the equally controversial Labor Party, face a May 7 general election that could change the entire face of... Continue Reading
Greece, considered by historians as the cradle of democracy, is riding a rocky economic boat as it heads for the Jan. 25 Parliamentary elections. Rocky because it already owes the European Union and the International Monetary Fund a combined second... Continue Reading

France's Slick 'Sarko' is Back

Nicolas Sarkozy, the 59-year-old,  23rd President of France from May 2007 to May 2012, is back in the political arena, seeking to reclaim in 2017 the Presidential throne he lost four years ago to the current President François Hollande. Akin in... Continue Reading

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