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Frank CaprioWhen it comes to pure unmitigated gall, vulgarity and bad manners, the devil's honors this year go, hands down, to Frank Caprio, the Democratic candidate for  governor of Rhode Island.The current Gov. Donald L. Carcieri, a Republican, is barred... Continue Reading
Stephen BrodenWith eight days left before the Nov. 2 Mid-Term congressional elections, the political scene in some quarters is looking like the looney bin.In Texas, for example, a fringe Republican House argues the armed overthrow of the government is "on... Continue Reading
The Harry Reid -- Sharron Angle Senate fight in Nevada is getting hotter and dirtier.  It is the most publicized election rate in the country right now.President Barack Obama has been to Nevada twice so far to pitch for Reid.... Continue Reading
Little publicized so far, Joe Lieberman, an ordained Rabbi and the Independent Senator from Connecticut, is being seen today in several political circles as the potential kingmaker for the new Senate.Lieberman is frustrating critics and supporters alike by declining to... Continue Reading
Barbara BoxerProminent women Democrats in Congress could lose their seats in the upcoming Nov. 2 Mid-Term election, numerous national blogsters are reporting.Equally prominent Republican women candidates will replace them, some TV talking heads are predicting.Barbara Boxer of California and Betsy... Continue Reading
Bill Raggio, Nevada GOP SenatorYou never know what can happen in the topsy-turvy world of politics, whether it's local, regional, national or international.The Mid-Term congressional elections are 19 days away and races in many states are near the boiling... Continue Reading
The revolving door at the White House continues. With the official departure Oct. 1 of Rahm Emanuel, President Barack Obama's Chief of Staff, the list of resigned or forced-out Administration appointees grows longer by the week.Emanuel says he is leaving... Continue Reading

Obama's Wars?

President Barack ObamaBob Woodward, who knows Washington politics as well as anyone, came out Monday, Sept. 27, with his 15th book on various presidential administrations over the years.This one is called Obama's Wars and will definitely be a factor of... Continue Reading

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