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Jeb BushDon't laugh. It could happen. The Republicans are desperate in their search for a high-profile candidate to run in the 2012 presidential election. Mitt Romney has been the only Republican name of any consequence to surface in the... Continue Reading
Shirley Sherrod Fourteen weeks from now, in November, when the congressional elections kick off, few voters will remember the names of Shirley Sherrod, Tom Vilsack, Tom Gibbs, Bill O'Reilly or even Andrew Breitbart.But those names were hot tickets a... Continue Reading
Sarah Palin The former governor of Alaska is batting 1,000 so far in backing candidates in various state Republican races.  Her latest wand is being waved over former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel. She heads for the voting... Continue Reading
Mark WilliamsMark Williams, a conservative radio talk show host, blogger and Tea Party Express principal, has been expelled from the National Tea Party Federation for a racist column he posted on his blog.In his defense, Williams said it was written... Continue Reading
David VitterProstitution, girl-friend beating, surprise candidate - Louisiana GOP politics has it all.Although the Talking TV Heads already have ordained that first-term Republican Sen. David Vitter will beat Democrat Charlie Melancon in the Aug. 28 primary and in November, Vitter... Continue Reading

Palin Versus Romney?

Sarah Palin taking on Mitt Romney?  Both Republicans and both shooting for the 2012 Presidential crown? Faith and Begorrah!  Say it ain't so, say Palin promoters and Romney backers.Both have calmed down. But here is how it happened:An aide to... Continue Reading
Ron Johnson, Wisconsin Senate CandidateTalk about out-and-out raw nerve.  Ron Johnson has it in spades.He is the Oshkosh, Wisconsin businessman challenging Democrat Russ Feingold for a Senate seat in November.He is also the one who has been lashing President Barack... Continue Reading
The NBC Sunday morning TV show, Meet the Press, has never had the same compelling viewership since the show's host for 16 years, Tim Russert, died of a heart attack June 13, 2008. But on Sunday, June 11, 2010, the... Continue Reading

Obama's End Run Infuriates GOP

Taking advantage of a Senate recess Wednesday, President Obama bypassed the traditional confirmation process and appointed three nominees to key White House positions. One of them was Dr. Donald Berwick as head of the nation's Medicare and Medicaid programs.Senate Minority... Continue Reading
Michael S. Steele, the controversial chairman of the Republican National Committee, is an embarrassment to his peers, his country and the fighting forces of the United States across the world. For the good of his party and the salvation of... Continue Reading

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