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First there was former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her raucous approach to Presidential campaigning for Sen. John McCain.Now there is Joe Miller, endorsed by Palin, in his bid to unseat Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Miller is about 1,700 votes... Continue Reading
One thing you can say for sure about New York Congressman Charles Rangel.  He is no quitter."I am not going away," the 80-year-old politician recently told House colleagues."You're not going to tell me to resign (just) to make you feel... Continue Reading
Money talks.  And it certainly did that Tuesday night for Richard L. "Rick" Scott.He spent $50 million of his own money to defeat Bill McCollum in a Republican primary election in Florida.  McCollum is Florida's Attorney-General.  He spent $20 million.... Continue Reading
Howard Dean speaks his mind, whether it costs him a Presidential election shot as it did in 2004, or whether it costs him a bushel of supporters' right today.This time around, the former Democratic National Committee chairman has split with... Continue Reading
Here we go again. This time around New York Democrat Sen. Charles E. Schumer is the orchestrator.He is quietly laying the groundwork for Victoria Reggie (Vicki) Kennedy to run against Massachusetts Republican Sen. Scott Brown in 2012, according to published... Continue Reading
Mike Huckabee, the maverick, banjo-playing, GOP presidential candidate in 2008 and possibly again in 2012, once more is bucking the thinking of his Republican brethren.This time it's on the immigration issue, birthright citizenship and changing the 14th Amendment of the... Continue Reading

Charlie, Which Side Are You On?

Charlie CristFlorida Gov. Charlie Crist, a notorious fence-sitter, is at it again.  He's running for the Senate in November and he still won't say if he will side with the Democrats or the Republics. He claims he is an Independent."I... Continue Reading
The Tea Party of the United States may just become a footnote in classroom history books come Nov. 2, 2010, the date of the congressional elections.The organization is running out of funds and won't solicit big-money America for a handout."When... Continue Reading
Democrats held a high-level November campaign strategy in Washington at the end of last week.  The gist of the session was that President Barack Obama will continue to be the party's lead spokesman because he holds the biggest microphone.To make... Continue Reading

To Weed, or Not To Weed?

Marijuana plant The ongoing move to legalize the use of marijuana picked up new supporters this week - supporters who say they will press the issue in the November congressional elections and throughout 2011 leading to the 2012 presidential... Continue Reading
Newt Gingrich is at it again.  He wants the Obama Administration to declare war on North Korea and Iran, just as former President George W. Bush had done in 2003 on Iraq.The former Speaker of the House of Representatives (1995... Continue Reading

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