Charlie, Which Side Are You On?

Charlie Crist
Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, a notorious fence-sitter, is at it again.  He's running for the Senate in November and he still won't say if he will side with the Democrats or the Republics. He claims he is an Independent.

"I think what's most important is that you stand with the people of your state," Crist recently told Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC's Hardball TV show.

"I get asked all the time: 'Are you going to caucus with the Republicans, are you going to caucus with the Democrats?'

I'm going to caucus with the people of Florida. You know, they're tired of gridlock politics, of Washington not being able to get anything accomplished, and they want somebody who will be an honest broker, go to Washington and fight for them first."

Marco Rubio
During the TV interview, Crist declined to say what he would do if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) offered him an assignment on the Appropriations panel in exchange for caucusing with the Democrats.

Crist was a lifelong Republican until being chased out of the GOP primary in April by former state Speaker Marco Rubio.

"Charlie Crist is running for the Senate simply to be important, not to actually do something important," says Rubio campaign spokesman Alex Burgos.

"So, it's not surprising he doesn't care whether he could actually get anything done. That's a complete afterthought to him after his primary concern, which is getting elected."

Kendrick Meek
Crist is in a competitive three-way race with Rubio and whoever emerges from the Democratic primary contest between Rep. Kendrick Meek and billionaire real estate investor Jeff Greene.

The average of all surveys taken from July 9 to Aug. 1 showed Crist ahead of the pack at 36.8 percent support, followed by Rubio at 31.8 percent and Meek, the Democrat most often polled, at 15.8 percent.

Is Crist going to make it?  Will the notorious Florida fence-sitter slip his way into the Senate?  We don't think so.  I think Crist will be history in November.

What do you think?

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