Tea Party Running Out of Cash but Won't Beg for Big Corporate Handouts

Tea-Party-Patriots---2.jpgThe Tea Party of the United States may just become a footnote in classroom history books come Nov. 2, 2010, the date of the congressional elections.

The organization is running out of funds and won't solicit big-money America for a handout.

"When you start chasing the money, you start having to compromise, and that's where a lot of D.C. organizations go wrong," Everett Wilkinson, chairman and founder of the South Florida Tea Party, recently told The Huffington Post.

Everett Wilkinson
"If we stay trim and we keep our overhead small, we won't have to raise a lot of money and we won't have to compromise. No one owns us."

Formed in 2009, the Tea Party's ravings and rantings often have confused, puzzled, mystified and yes, disappointed many of its own supporters on separate occasions.

Juan Williams, a commentator on right-wing Fox News, even suggested the Tea Party, at times, acts and sounds like a racist organization

Juan Williams
Many of the newly engaged activists who joined the movement regard traditional political fund-raising as representative of the corrupt politics they abhor.

What a noble position to take.  But it just isn't realistic in the 21st Century.  Money talks.  With it, you can go places in politics.  Without it, you are most certainly dead in the water.

And that's where the Tea Party will be, come Nov. 2.

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