Gun-Toting Joe Miller Pulls Ahead in Alaska GOP Senate Race

Joe-Miller-Alaska-GOP-Senate-Candidate.jpgFirst there was former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her raucous approach to Presidential campaigning for Sen. John McCain.

Now there is Joe Miller, endorsed by Palin, in his bid to unseat Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Miller is about 1,700 votes ahead but it will be another two weeks before the final tally will be made for the Aug. 24 primary.

Miller is an unknown in the Lower 48 states but not in Alaska, just as Palin was.  He is a Bronze Star-winning combat veteran, former State magistrate and Federal judge, a West Point and Yale Law School graduate, owns a successful law practice and is married with a family.

He is also a lifetime member and money contributor to the National Rifle Association.  Not surprisingly, he says everyone in the United States should be able to own and carry a holstered gun, with or without a local gun license, as is the law in Alaska.

sarah-palin-7-26-10.jpgMiller made national headlines for earning the endorsement of Palin. Nobody in the political arenas had heard of him before the endorsement.  Now Alaska voters are studying his for-and-oppose position.

Miller says he is against Wall Street bailouts, giving amnesty for illegal aliens, repealing the prohibition of U.S. tax-payer funding of abortions overseas, the destruction of living human embryos for medical research, new entitlement programs, a cap and trade tax and federal hate-crimes laws.

Miller supports a movement to repeal President Obama's health care law, having voters show photo ID to combat voter fraud, the pro-life movement and funding the Mexican border fence.

There you have it in a nut shell. Will he get enough backing to defeat the incumbent?

 We think so -- because the country right now is disappointed with the current crop of incumbents as a whole, Republican and Democrat.

What do you think?

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