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CNBC received low ratings as a host to the third Republican Party's Presidential Nominee debate in Boulder, CO Wednesday night (Oct. 28), but the business-oriented cable network still laughed all the way to the bank. CNBC charged advertisers $250,000 for... Continue Reading
You could hardly call it a debate. Campaign stumping would be more like it. Two boring hours of it. When the lights finally were dimmed at the Wynn Las Vegas Casino Hotel Auditorium Tuesday night (Oct. 13), Hillary Rodham Clinton,... Continue Reading
Rupert Murdoch, the 84-year-old Australian-born media billionaire (estimated net worth $13 billion) has a dream. He would like to see his billionaire friend, Michael Rubens Bloomberg (net worth $38 billion), the 73-year-old former three-term mayor of New York City, enter... Continue Reading

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