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The Ferguson, Missouri debacle has given all of America a black eye. Black in its most literal sense and not in a derogatory manner.  A black eye especially for the handful of elected officials involved in the crisis this week. Foreign... Continue Reading
The U.S. home building industry did not like what President Obama had to say tonight on Immigration.Tonight, minutes on the heels on President Obama's nation TV address, Kevin Kelly, chairman of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and... Continue Reading
An estimated 5.2 million registered Tunisian voters on Nov. 23 get an opportunity to freely elect their country's president for the first time since the small Arab republic was formed in 1705. Continue Reading
The U.S. housing market and the real estate industry in general are expected to do well when the Republican Party takes control of both the Senate and House of Representatives in January. The online and print advertising and promotions by all... Continue Reading

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