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Despite the naysayers, the doubting public and the latest polls, there will be a deal of some stripe between the Grand Old Radical Party and President Barack Obama's Democratic Party. The deal will be struck Monday, Dec. 31, going right... Continue Reading
About nine million registered voters in a country with an estimated total population of 10.5 million, go to the polls Jan. 11 and Jan. 12 to elect the first president of the Czech Republic by public ballot. In the past,... Continue Reading
Japan is in a recession for the fifth time in 15 years. That is particularly troublesome to Japan's 103 million registered voters who go to the polls Dec.16 to elect their seventh prime minister in the last seven years. They also... Continue Reading
Its show time and showdown in Egypt today.  Voters are preparing to go to the polls again Saturday, Dec. 15 to approve or disapprove President Mohammed Morsi's hastily drafted new constitution. Critics argue the constitution makes Morsi a dictator, far worse... Continue Reading

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