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It's game time once again in Ghana's political arena.  Thirteen million registered voters in the 92,000-square-mile West African country, just a little smaller than Michigan, go to the polls Dec. 7 to elect a president and 275 parliamentarians. All will... Continue Reading
Ljubljana, the capital city of SloveniaIt's a good bet few American high school students have ever heard of Slovenia, a tiny nation in Central Europe, just a little smaller in size than New Jersey. Fewer students still would even venture... Continue Reading
The December 2011 decision by President Barack Obama's election strategy team to set up formal and informal support offices in over 500 counties around the country paid off Nov. 6. The number of offices surpassed candidate Mitt Romney's office total... Continue Reading
I may wind up with a double yolk egg on my face, but that's why they pay me the big bucks. Here it goes: Barack Obama will be re-elected in four days, Nov. 6. Obama will beat Mitt Romney in the... Continue Reading

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