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Mike PenceJust when you thought Sarah Palin was in a class by herself when it comes to unmitigated chutzpah.   Here comes Mike Pence.  What?  You never heard of Mike Pence.Well, he is a Republican congressman from Indiana.  He says, in... Continue Reading

Boehner Put Down by Palin on Tax Hike

John Boehner and Sarah PalinRepublican against Republican.  Democrat again Democrat.  That's what we're witnessing in Washington today.The latest skirmish came last week.  Palin feels that the $858 billion tax cut legislation that passed was "a lousy deal." She said it... Continue Reading

To Rant, or Not to Rant

By now, everybody who even has a tiny interest in national politics and their own pocket book has heard of Vermont Republican Sen. Bernie Sanders' caper on the Senate floor last Friday.The white-haired, 69-year-old Sanders made a speech that lasted... Continue Reading
Joe MillerSome politicians just don't get it when they lose or fall behind in elections.  Why?  They might have to find a real job to pay for their beer and pretzels.For example, more than a month after the Nov. 2... Continue Reading

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