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It won't be until late July when Afghanistan's 30 million residents learn who their new President will be for the next five years. That's because the vote count of the June 14 runoff between former foreign affairs minister Abdullah Abdullah... Continue Reading
There will be no general elections in Thailand until the military feels the tiny Asian Country is ready for reforms and representatives of the estimated 65 million residents show they once again will abide by the ballot. The army has jailed... Continue Reading
Not since 1899 has a House Majority Leader in the U.S. Congress lost an election. But it has happened now. Eric Cantor, 51, in Congress since 2001, lost his Seventh District Congressional seat Tuesday, June 10, to Dave Brat, 49, a... Continue Reading
Dictators around the Middle East and Asia these days are "winning" elections and re-elections with smoke and mirrors.  They are also receiving truckloads of cash and other economic aid from the United States as an incentive to hold fair and... Continue Reading
Nobody, except the United States, is really taking the current phased presidential election process in Afghanistan very seriously, especially since the top two candidates didn't win a clear majority vote after the most recent round of counting was completed April... Continue Reading
If it was turned in as a Hollywood script, the producer might delegate it to the B folder.  But the Syrian presidential election set for Tuesday June 3 is no B scenario. It is an "A" script with big bucks... Continue Reading

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