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Just make believe for one moment, please. It's the seventh game of the World Series. The Obamas and the Romneys are tied at three wins apiece. Now it's the last half of the ninth inning.  The Obamas lead 4 to... Continue Reading
Angola in southern Africa, goes to the polls Aug. 31 to elect 220 parliamentarians and a president.  The voting is expected to result in the typical farce that  has marked similar elections in African countries.A total 111 seats are needed... Continue Reading
Paul Ryan speaking at The Villages, Fla It's already less than 80 days to the Nov. 6 presidential election and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has sealed his doom by selecting Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running... Continue Reading
Say what you will, but presidential candidate Mitt Romney won a week of million-dollar headlines from his recent six-day trip to Great Britain, Israel and Poland. The print and electronic media on both sides of the Atlantic blasted Romney for... Continue Reading
Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren, a warrior in the fight to gain more transparency on Wall Street, is in a tight Senate race with incumbent Republican Sen. Scott P. Brown.  The race is shaping up to become one of the... Continue Reading

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