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This was only supposed to happen in the politically topsy-turvy banana republics of South America.  But here it is, playing out on center stage, in Jerusalem, supposedly the model of world democracies.The fast-spinning political wheel in that sliver of a... Continue Reading
Egyptians go to the polls May 23 and May 24 in only the second presidential election in the country's 2,053-year -old history.  If there is a runoff between the top two candidates, that election will be held June 16 and... Continue Reading
Now that the Kentucky Derby is over for another year, the year's next biggest race is focusing on who Radical Party Presidential candidate Mitt Romney will pick as his running mate in their face-off with President Barack Obama in the... Continue Reading
Mention the name Irving Moskowitz to most residents of Washington, DC and they will not know it.  But at least two residents at 1600 Pennsylvania NW know the name well. They are President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary... Continue Reading

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